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PROPosal & wedding Planning


Planning for any special surprises for your love ones? 
We can make her say YES to you by saying YES to us!


We provide couples with unique wedding ideas and sharing our experiences, so we can work hand in hand towards their ideal, perfect wedding


We plan marriage proposals and weddings:

- Concept & Thematic development & designing
- Manage and plan your budget

- Select vendors and manage contract negotiations

- Source and secure wedding vendors and entertainment acts

- Supervision and guidance of vendors

- Onsite project management and event execution, including time keeping

Event Styling 


Styling is such an integral part of your wedding day. Be it a 3D stage backdrop, floral wall, handmade wedding favours, customised ring dish or customised bridesmaids' gifts, we will see through the smallest details right from the start till the end. Our stylist will work seamlessly with you, to build a tailored thematic concept and executing the aesthetic vision on the actual wedding day


We create bespoke pieces for your wedding:

- wedding arch, paper flower arch

- themed wedding invites, menus, table numbers, thank you notes

- customise stamps, ring dish, wedding favours

- cutomized wedding signages, graphic wall and photo backdrop
  (e.g chalkboard, fairy lights, paper flower)

Actual Day Coordination Services

Hop on, sit back and enjoy this magical journey with us!​

Prior to your wedding day, we will assist in making arrangements and liaise with the various wedding service providers. We will see through the smallest details right from the start till the end, to ensure smooth execution on the actual day, leaving you to enjoy and celebrate the big day with your love ones.

Proposal set & Pre-Wedding Styling

There are plenty of different approaches for your proposal. Why not make it even more special and romantic by adding in a customised set-up which gives a magical touch to your proposal such that she'll can't say no


A well thought off prop for your pre-wedding shoot can make a whole lot of difference. More importantly, It can lift the picture up, give it a new story, liven up the atmosphere and get more expressions out of you. Leave it to us to find one that is suitable and that aligns with your style.


Want to surprise your loved ones with a bouquet of flowers on special and important dates? We have you covered! Our floral arrangements are kept simple, allowing each of the flowers to shine with their unique characteristics.


Our floral arm, Meadows & Clouds , run by the founder of Glittering Carousel loves the Earth that has nurtured many beautiful floras. As much as possible, we will opt for biodegradable materials to reduce waste and preserve our beloved Earth.


Bouquets and floral arrangements customized for your occasions. Whether it’s the birthday of your loved ones, a romantic anniversary celebration or your special wedding day, our lovingly handcrafted creations are just what you need. Ask us and we will be most happy to help! 


Glittering Carousel Live Music is one of Singapore’s premier live music entertainment providers, both local and regional. We honour our team of music professionals in delivering top quality music performances and entertainment. Through all these years, from elegant weddings to fun-filled corporate functions and intimate private affairs, we've been providing live music with great sincerity where beautiful memories are left and hearts are touched.


There are no rules that say you can only cut into one cake at your reception. The wedding dessert table has become a staple as many couples opt to skip the giant wedding cake for a more varied assortment of sugary goodies. After all, why choose one dessert when you could offer your guests a whole buffet table full of your favorite desserts?

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