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Kelvin & Christabelle @ Chijmes

Our last wedding at Chijmes Hall before the Lunar New Year!

Christabelle like Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" danced her way into Kelvin's heart!

It's truly a fun to plan for this bubbly bride and a forever supporting boyfriend then! We took17months to plan for their dream wedding!

It's a wedding filled with music, dance and laughter! The luncheon started off with the couple singing to the song "Path of Grace" as they marched in with big smiles on their faces. Lyrics were screened so that every guests who knows this song can sing along.

The couple said they were trembling as they sang but we definitely can't tell from their faces!

We had lots of entertainment for the guests including performances by a String Quartet and a Singer/Guitarist.

Besides music, we had games co-planned by the Wedding emcee Jim Koh and the couple. I could tell the everyone was having FUN!

The final highlight was the First Dance! It's so Disney and Princessy! The couple put in a lot of hard work having a dance instructor to choreograph the dance and practice hard for months! Kudos to Kelvin and Christabelle and the hardworking is definitely paid off!

It's been an amazing journey with Kelvin & Christabelle and we wished them eternal bliss and happiness!

Wedding Planner: @glitteringcarousel

Photographer: @triviopictures

MUA: @fidelistoh

Styling & Floral: @theflowerpractice

Wedding Emcee: Jim Koh

Entertainment: @arpeggionequartet @pudgymusic

Lighting: @ebenexmusic


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