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Under the Stars Wedding Proposal

Jaime came to us for a surprise romantic re-proposal despite the fiancée already said YES the previous round. How romantic can a guy be, always giving not just little but big surprises to his love one.

He wanted us to plan an outdoor proposal under the starlight. This challenging request was put up to us 20 days before the actual day and during the peak rainy season in December. Our team finally decided to transport the outdoors indoors by recreating what Jaime originally wanted.

The enclosed walk-through area filled with fairy lights to represent the starlights and lights along the sidewalks leading up to a small dance floor area surrounded by trees and flowers.

Hand in hand with @invitedsg & @helloflowerssg, we created a romantic re-proposal under the starlight for Jaime.

Drapping the windows with fabric so that the sunlight will not be too strong in the day.

Invitedsg uses faux trees to heightened the look of the circled space at Alcove-Chijmes.

Jaime wanted blush colours flowers to give a romantic look and feel.

Wedding Planner: @glitteringcarousel

Stylist: @invitedsg

Floral: @helloflowerssg@

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